It was our ambition to create a CCR list of the top 50 sustainable restaurants in the U.S. who were putting “climate change on the menu.” We have not yet built our own but we have discovered a pair of San Franciscan restauranteurs, Anthony Myint and Karen Leibowitz, who had a similar ambition and were deep into fulfilling it. Already in 2017, their non-profit organization, Zero Foodprint posted a list of restaurants who had committed to funding climate friendly farming practices (regenerative practices like paying for cover crop seeds, compost, tree-planting, fencing for grazing management, etc).

It was part of a new public-private initiative supporting carbon farming practices called Restore California which directly increase soil health and the supply of great ingredients.

To date, around 30 restaurants have achieved carbon-neutral status under the program; with dozens more on their way to earning the stamp. Those which have achieved in the U.S. are listed below.